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Our experiences in the banking industry through its greatest upheavals over the last decade has provided us rich context as to how the best leaders communicate.

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Change is difficult. In the corporate world, leaders tend to hide behind written and verbal communication that is inauthentic or full of business jargon. This is especially true where there is large-scale organisational change.

Employees want to be treated with respect. Customers want honesty and transparency. Regulators and local authorities don't want any surprises.

Change happens when you make people feel differently. This starts with clear messages that:

  • Inform people what is happening

  • Inform them why it is happening

  • Lets them understand how they are impacted and addresses the ‘what’s in it for me?’ concerns

  • Articulate what happens next

This is just the start of the journey.

Good communicators build and deliver on plans that:

  • Show a sense of urgency

  • Keep the relevant stakeholders informed of progress

  • Celebrate success

Having an inspiring vision and mission statement is all well and good. Deeds speak volumes.


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Building plans is just the start and in a way, the easy part. My value is to support you in understanding your motivation and helping you deliver.