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I was Head of Communications & Marketing at The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for Asia Pacific. My experience spans over 25 years in the finance sector in Sydney and Hong Kong. My previous companies include National Westminster Bank and Ernst & Young.

The finance sector has undergone immense change in the last two decades and I have experienced the highs and lows of RBS. I believe this puts me in an ideal position to support you or your company in:

  • Developing high performance executives

  • Understanding and managing change

  • Creating effective business communication and media relations plans

  • Facilitating team development

During the last eight months at the bank, I was an internal coach in supporting senior executives through the bank’s global leadership programme.

My external coaching clients include senior executives in the non-profit and corporate sectors, and entrepreneurs. I am particularly interested in the “social brain” and the emerging influence of neuroscience in executive coaching.